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The Team of Four, or “Quad”, Competition is performed to music that lasts between 4-6 minutes long.  This division is hard to choreograph and perform because there are only four riders that have to utilize the whole arena to make the 

patterns look spectacular.  The judges have fewer riders to watch, so mistakes are more visible.  As with the other

divisions, spacing, alignment, timing, and coordination are important.  The Quad team works together to become a close knit group, knowing exactly what their teammates will do next.  In 2012, our Adult Quad group, the Roselake Rebels, won the National Championship at Super Ride Equestrian Drill Competition.



















Roselake Rebels Youth Quad

Roselake Rebels Adult Quad

Roselake Rangerettes Youth Quad

7/30/11– Texas Shoot Out         -Adult Quads 1st Place

6/20/12– Super Ride Nationals– Adult Quads 1st Place

7/28/12 Texas Shoot Out           -Adult Quads 1st Place

7/28/12 Texas Shoot Out           -Youth Quads 4th Place