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The Adult & Youth Competitive Team : Don’t let the word “competitive” intimidate you!  This team is fun and

fulfilling.  It gives you the opportunity to dress up, show off, and hear the applause of those who appreciate your

performance.  You also get all the glitz and glamour of  show biz.  Belonging to the team does require commitment and discipline. The riders must  work together in precise formations, working as a team with their individual horses and each other.  There is a sense of team spirit and cooperation instead of competing against each other.  It’s a highly focused kind of riding that takes concentration and effort, yet doesn’t have the same kind of pressure and self-absorption that individual lessons can.  Drill team is an excellent tool for teaching the fine-tuning of horse and rider communication and control.  It’s one thing to be able to ask a horse to trot, but quite another to be able to control the horses speed and position to match its teammates.  Competition riding takes a lot of commitment and is the most rigorous and difficult.  Teams are judged on two basic

elements of their performance.


         EntertainmentTeams are judged on costumes and grooming, overall uniformity and look of the team, choice of

music, flow of the moves, choreography, difficulty of the drill, theme, uniqueness, smiles, “playing to the audience”, and

overall entertainment value.

         Equitation-  This judges spacing of the horses, correctness of transitions and gaits, attitude and behavior of  the horses, riders position (seat & hands), Control, speed and difficulty of the moves.  The judges are always looking for

precision and clean uniformity, roundness of circles (etc.)  and  Spacing, Spacing, Spacing!


If you are an intermediate rider and can walk, trot, and are just starting to lope comfortably,

Please join us on Tuesday’s at 7:00– 8:30 pm


Once you have learned the basic maneuvers of Drill, can walk, trot, and lope comfortably,

and with the approval of the Drill Masters,

Please join us on Monday’s at 7:00- 8:30 pm.







Please feel free to visit our practice sessions anytime.   If you would like to join our drill team, please contact Roselake Ranch.

We are always looking for more people to share our riding experiences with.