Shavings-Kiln dried shavings of Pine and Poplar.  Sold by the                      bag, or by the dump trailer load.   Excellent for                            Horse stalls and pet bedding.


Manure– Fresh & cured horse manure with the perfect mix of                   shavings and hay.  When cured, it is black and

                  wonderful, like potting soil.  Can be bought by the                       Bobcat scoop, or by the trailer load.  We even have                      some customers that buy it by the 5 gallon bucket.                      Perfect for flowerbeds and gardens.


Hay-         Alfalfa shipped in from Idaho.  Blister beetle free and                   tested for relative food value.  Sold by the bale or by                   the Ton.



Grain-      We always have a supply of 14% all purpose pellet on                    hand, and can order anything else you might need.                            New shipments weekly.


Please call us at (936) 559-8222, or (936) 554-5840

Or email at 

for prices and availability.

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